on Avalanche

Crack.Fi does 10.5% RFI and 10.5% burn from every Transaction

Crack.Fi is deployed on a scalable, fast and highly secure Platform.
Avalanche .


Sub second block finality


Up to Thousands of Block Producing validators


The Avalanche network consists of multiple blockchains


Scaled Ethereum Virtual Machine throughput


Compatible with Metamask on Contract-Chain

What's Crack.Fi?

Crack.Fi is an Reflect Asset Token on the Avalanche Platform.

Crack.Fi works by applying a transfer re-distribution on each transaction. Every transfer will incur a 10.5% re-distribution, which is automatically and instantly distributed amongst all token holders and another 10.5% is burned.

Give it a try

While temporarily in test mode, we have deployed a 25-node version of AthereumLite, a byte-by-byte compatible version of Ethereum that starts with an empty state, rather than the latest state of Ethereum.

Let's get funky
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What else?

Crack.Fi is experimental.

We are supporters of the Avalanche ecosystem. While we are developing our vision of Crack.Fi.

Crack.Fi is for the crypto community to see the benefits of scale today.

Holders of Crack.Fi can move the Asset immediately.

First, is available today. Second, your transactions will enjoy near instant finality, so no more block confirmation times. Finally, thanks to Avalanche, it scales unlike on any other decentralized platform.

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